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Free Holiday Math Activities for December

If you’re anything like me, then you love the holidays! The holiday season is such a fun and exciting time in the classroom. It’s busy and chaotic but so much fun! One of my favorite ways to celebrate is to incorporate holiday math activities into my lessons. Check out these

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200+ Math Partner Games for 1st & 2nd Grade

Do you love math centers but hate the time it takes to prep them? If you’re tired of spending your evenings cutting and laminating math centers, then listen up! There is a better way! Print and play math partner games are just what you need to take the work out of math

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Guided Practice Printable Math Worksheets

Looking to add quality guided practice printable math worksheets to your math plans? The “trick” is to find worksheets your students can complete independently and successfully. I think you’ll agree with me when I say: Not all math worksheets are created equal. Yep, I said it. Some of them are

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Math Spiral Review Strategies to Make Content Stick

5 Math Spiral Review Strategies to Try How many times have you taught something, only to have your students magically “forget” it one month later? It can be so frustrating. You may feel like you want to backtrack or start over. Today I’m sharing 5 math spiral review strategies you

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Guided Math Classroom Management Strategies

Welcome to the final post in my three-part series all about starting guided math! Today we’re diving into classroom management strategies and tips for when you’re finally diving into a typical day of guided math. In today’s part three post, I’m sharing all about how to release control once you’re

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The First Month of Guided Math

Welcome to part two in my three-part series all about starting guided math! If you’re trying to figure out how to get started, I’m here to give you practical tips and lesson ideas! In part one, I shared a daily breakdown of what your first week of guided math could

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How to Start Guided Math: The First Week

Whether you’re diving into guided math during back-to-school time or starting mid-year, figuring out how to start guided math during the first week is crucial to being successful. Oftentimes it can be difficult to know where to begin and what to teach, I’ve put together a three-part series all about

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Creating a Math Focus Wall

With all of the learning that happens in your classroom, it’s important that students know everything hanging on the walls has a purpose. That’s why I highly recommend creating a math focus wall in your classroom! Add Vocabulary Cards to Your Math Focus Wall Math vocabulary cards are essential to

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Math Games Using Dice (10+ Activities)

Do you ever find yourself scrambling for a quick math activity but you’re low on prep and planning time? In my experience, some of the best math activities are the simplest ones! That’s why I love math games using dice! They’re easy to prep and replicate so you can quickly

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Differentiated Math Activities for 1st & 2nd Grade

Differentiated Math Activities With Math Sidekick What is Math Sidekick? The Math Sidekick is your planning partner – that’s ME! Each month, members of Math Sidekick get access to differentiated math activities, centers, printables, and games! Who is it for? – Math Sidekick was made for busy first and second-grade

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The Easiest Way to Make Weekly Guided Math Lesson Plans

Getting your guided math lesson plans together each week doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how I plan an entire week of math instruction. For my classroom, there are three big things I spend my time thinking through and planning: Small group lessons Independent practice activities Math centers Guided Math

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Get 5 Free Math Games

Your 1st and 2nd graders will love playing these no-prep games during guided math! Each game comes in two levels for easy differentiation!

Free Subtraction Strategies Sheet!

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