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5 Benefits of Small Group Math Instruction

It’s no secret that there are so many benefits of small group math instruction, but maybe you need a few reminders as to why you should be utilizing it over whole group instruction. Let’s talk through the 5 benefits of small group math instruction. The #1 Benefit of Small Group

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Math Centers: Everything You Need to Know

Do you feel overwhelmed and perhaps a little disorganized when it comes to your running math centers? While there are three rotations for math workshop in my classroom, I want to give you a peek inside how to structure math centers. We’ll talk about how to choose math centers, where

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How to Assess Math: A Friendly Debate

There’s always a bit of debating when it comes to talking about how to assess math skills. One question teachers often ask: Should students be allowed to take an assessment more than once? Without a doubt, YES. Let’s talk about why. How to Assess Math by Knowing Your Students First,

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Guided Math Workshop: How to Plan Teacher Tips

Being a K-2 teacher, it can be hard to know where exactly to start when it comes to planning a guided math workshop. That’s why I want to show you exactly how I plan for an entire month of guided math workshop.  Planning Guided Math Workshop Will Set You Up

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Math Spiral Review: A Quick Start Guide

How many times have you taught something one month, and then a few months later your students seem to have completely forgotten what they learned? I know we’ve all been there at least once. That’s why I love implementing spiral review. And guess what? I know your days are busy,

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5 Fun Ways to Practice Math Facts

Back when I was a kid, I absolutely hated big, long worksheets filled with math problems. It was my least favorite way to practice and learn math facts. As a teacher, I want my students to have FUN while practicing math facts! I want to build students’ math fact fluency

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Subtraction Fact Fluency: Favorite Strategies

Have you ever been guilty of spending more time focusing on addition facts and less time on subtraction facts? If you’re nodding your head yes right now… me too! I never quite gave subtraction fact fluency the time and focus it deserves and our students need! A few years ago

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Math Mysteries for 1st & 2nd Grade

I want to start by sharing just a little backstory about where I came up with these math mysteries… Because 2020 was the year we stayed home so much, my husband and I started having more date nights at home. We had to get creative, and we discovered one of

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My Favorite Strategy for 3-Digit Subtraction

Does anyone else despise teaching 2 and 3-digit subtraction? I totally LOVE addition, but subtraction… no thanks. It can be so difficult for our students! Now, while I still don’t love teaching it, I wanted to share with you my favorite simple strategy to use. It just might come in

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Why I Stopped Teaching the Standard Algorithm

As a 2nd grade teacher, I can’t tell you how many times I’ve had students come to me SO excited because they can do two-digit & three-digit addition (and subtraction). Almost every time they show me their impressive skills with the standard algorithm. YAY! As most teachers do when this

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Digital Math Centers in First Grade & Second Grade

Many schools and classrooms are still switching between in-person learning and distance learning. It’s CRAZY hard. Keeping students engaged and on task is harder than ever! That’s why I designed these digital math centers and activities that students love! Plus, even if you’re not teaching remotely, these are fun digital

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Get 5 Free Math Games

Your 1st and 2nd graders will love playing these no-prep games during guided math! Each game comes in two levels for easy differentiation!