I’m Katie!

I’m here to help K-3 teachers access engaging, simple resources and classroom activities.

You’ve come to the right place if you…

During my years as an elementary teacher, I spent hours upon hours creating engaging activities for my students. I loved discovering unique ways to organize my classroom centers and activities to reach my students at their unique level. I wanted them to always feel successful, confident, and ready to learn more.

During one particularly rough winter, we had nearly a week filled with snow days. I spent hours in front of my computer designing classroom activities and organizing my small group plans. After sharing what I’d created with the other teachers I worked with, I decided to dive in and share my work with teachers worldwide!

As Simply Creative Teaching has grown, I enjoy spending my days learning and sharing best practice classroom instruction with other teachers. I get so excited creating simple, creative resources to help teachers and students in primary classrooms.

I’ve spent most of my teaching career in 1st and 2nd grade, and I absolutely love it. I’m so glad you are here and part of the Simply Creative Teaching Community!

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