Guided Practice Printable Math Worksheets

Looking to add quality guided practice printable math worksheets to your math plans? The “trick” is to find worksheets your students can complete independently and successfully.

I think you’ll agree with me when I say:

Not all math worksheets are created equal.

Yep, I said it. Some of them are just plain boring. And it’s time-consuming trying to find the skills you need in different levels for a variety of learners.

Printable Math Worksheets You Can Use With Your Entire Class

How many hours have you spent during your planning time searching for practice activities you can use with your entire class? Perhaps you find one you like, but it’s too easy or too difficult for half of your class!

I’ve been there!

That’s why you need math worksheets that you can use with your entire class without scouring the internet to find something your entire class can do!

These no-prep math worksheets are exactly what you need!

3 Guided Practice Features Teachers Love

Benefits of Guided Practice Worksheets

Feature One: Differentiation

As you know, not all students are capable of completing the same worksheets. Some students need an easier version and some students need a challenge, so we kept that at the forefront of our minds when designing these worksheets.

That’s why every single worksheet comes in three levels. As a helpful planning bonus, the top left corner of every worksheet has one, two, or three symbols to indicate the level of the worksheet.

Feature Two: Engaging Activities

Math worksheets don’t have to be a boring page filled with a billion math problems. Your students will have no motivation to complete that!

These math worksheets include a variety of practice activities such as color by code pictures, cut and glue activities, puzzles, and more!

Examples of guided practice worksheets

Feature Three: Easy Math Prep!

Take one more task off your plate with these math worksheets. These guided practice activities are designed to help you plan without increasing prep time! Your biggest decision will be deciding which math worksheet you want to assign!

Download Free Differentiated Math Worksheets & Activities

It is incredibly time-consuming finding differentiated math resources. That’s why I put together this FREE Differentiated Resource Toolkit!

It’s filled with math worksheets, centers, and activities in multiple levels to make differentiation a breeze!

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