Math Games Using Dice (10+ Activities)

math games using dice

Do you ever find yourself scrambling for a quick math activity but you’re low on prep and planning time? In my experience, some of the best math activities are the simplest ones! That’s why I love math games using dice!

They’re easy to prep and replicate so you can quickly change them to fit your students’ needs. Plus, you don’t need a million different manipulatives! *cue happy dance*

Math Games Using Dice

Dice games are my go-to math activity when I’m looking for no prep, easy to implement ideas. Use them to practice addition, subtraction, place value, fact fluency, and more in first and second grade! The possibilities are truly endless! All you need is some dice and a whiteboard + marker or blank paper and your students will be ready to go!

I have a huge obsession collection of dice that I love to pull from. There’s everything from basic dice 1-6, place value dice, 8-sided dice, 20-sided dice… you name it!

Math dice games

The best thing about using dice math games is that you can easily modify and differentiate by giving students different dice. Some of my favorites are dice in dice and ten frame dice

Addition & Subtraction Dice Games

To keep your students engaged with these games, change the dice! This is when having a dice obsession comes in handy!

  1. Roll 2 dice, and make a number. Roll 2 dice again, and make a number. Add or subtract them!
  2. Use 2 dice, and make a number. Roll one dice and add/subtract that many tens (ex: roll a 2, add 20. Roll a 3, add 30)
  3. Race to 100 (or 200, 300, etc): Roll 2 dice, make a number. Roll 2 dice again, add it to the first roll. Roll again, add it to the previous sum… keep rolling and adding until you reach or surpass 100 (a great game to play with a buddy)
  4. Race to 0: Played just like race to 100, but start by subtracting your roll from 100.

Place Value Math Games with Dice

Math games using place value dice are some of my favorites. While it’s not absolutely essential, they are super fun to have in your dice collection!

Dice math games

These games can easily be modified to work with 2-digit, 3-digit, 4-digit, or however many digit numbers you’re learning. I’ve included how to play with regular dice because I know you might not have place value dice yet!

  1. Make the Largest Number: Draw a Place Value Chart. Roll dice and write the number in the place value you choose. The goal is to create the largest number possible. Play it with a partner to compare numbers at the end.
  2. Make the Smallest Number: Played like make the largest number, but the goal is to make the smallest number possible.
  3. Comparing Numbers: Roll 3 dice to make a 3 digit number. Write the number and repeat. Compare the two numbers using greater than/less than symbols.

Fact Fluency Dice Activities

  1. Make 10: Roll one dice. Find the missing number that makes 10.
  2. Make 20: Played like make 10 but find the missing number that makes 20.
  3. Subtract from 10: Roll one dice. Subtract it from 10 to find the answer.
  4. Subtraction from 20: Played like subtract from 10 but you will subtract from 20 instead.

Want to add to your dice collection?

Here are some quick links to my favorites. Having various dice to choose from keeps your students engaged and lets you modify each game easily.

*All dice shared in this post use Amazon affiliate links. This is no extra cost to you, but if you purchase dice from my link I receive a small commission that helps keep Simply Creative Teaching up and running!*

  1. Dice in dice: Sometimes I refer to these as double dice (
  2. Place value dice: These are great to show expanded form!
  3. Pound of dice: This is literally a pound of tons of different dice options!
  4. Ten frame dice: Every kindergarten, first grade, and second-grade classroom should have a set of these.
  5. Quiet foam dice: This speaks for itself. Quiet dice for the win!

More Than Dice: Free Differentiated Math Toolkit

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