5 Print and Play Math Partner Games

Print and play math partner games: the quickest math center prep ever!

Do you love math centers but hate the time it takes to prep them? If you’re tired of spending your evenings cutting and laminating math centers, then listen up! There is a better way! Print and play math partner games are just what you need to take the work out of math centers!

Psst – there are 5 free games at the end of this post!

When I first started teaching, I naively thought that prepping math centers was something I’d only have to do once. I could simply reuse the same math centers year after year. Well, I was wrong!

With standards changing and the need to differentiate for my students each year, I found myself having to redo my math centers constantly. After months of cutting up math centers in front of the TV at night, I decided there had to be a better way! That’s when I started making math partner games!

Print and Play Math Partner Games

I started focusing on two things when creating new math centers. First, they had to be easy to prep. I needed to be able to just print what I wanted and go!

Second, they had to be easy to differentiate so I didn’t have to create multiple levels. This led me to print & play math partner games!

3 print and play math partner board games

Easy Prep Math Games

The best part of print and play math partner games is how easy they are to prep. All you have to do is print them and put them in a page protector or dry-erase pocket.

That’s right, you don’t even have to laminate them! Plus each game uses supplies you already have in your classroom like dice, counters, and paper clips!

Math games inside dry erase pockets
These dry-erase pockets from Amazon are my favorite!

A key part of prepping math centers is finding games and activities that will keep your students engaged in a format they’ll actually enjoy. That’s the best part about using print and play math games!

Since they’re in the format of a game, students forget they’re learning! No more spending hours prepping a math center to have your students say how boring it is!

Get Started Today

If you’re ready to make math center prep a breeze, grab these Print & Play Fact Fluency Games. These games will help your first and second grade students practice their addition and subtraction facts.

Worried that they might be too easy or hard for your students? Don’t be! There are 20 total games and 2 levels for each one so you don’t have to spend extra time differentiating.

Print and play subtraction games
Find 20 Addition & Subtraction Fact Fluency Games here!

Get 5 Free No Prep Math Games Below!

You can find all of our no prep math games here!

For more low-prep resources for guided math, be sure to check out this post all about differentiated independent work!

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