Free Holiday Math Activities for December

If you’re anything like me, then you love the holidays! The holiday season is such a fun and exciting time in the classroom. It’s busy and chaotic but so much fun! One of my favorite ways to celebrate is to incorporate holiday math activities into my lessons.

Check out these fun holiday math activities. The best part? They’re all free!

Freebie #1: Gingerbread Games

Gingerbread Games for Holiday Math Activities

Who doesn’t love differentiated math games that require zero prep? These print and play math games are a great addition to your holiday math centers. Since they come in two different levels, you don’t have to spend time differentiating them! It’s a win-win!

You can find an entire pack of 16 no prep, print & play gingerbread math games here! In need of holiday math worksheets? Find those here!

Freebie #2: Present Puzzles Math Center

Present Puzzle Holiday Math

Your students will love this fun math center! Someone has mixed up the presents and it is their job to put them back in order by finding the presents that add up to the number on each tree!

Freebie #3: Decorate the Tree Math Craft

Decorate the Tree Holiday Math Craft

Kids love decorating the tree, so why not decorate your classroom with math trees? After writing ten more or ten less on each ornament, your students will get to color each ornament and decorate their own tree! It comes with two differentiated sets of ornaments so all of your students can access this fun activity.

You can find more no-prep math and literacy holiday crafts here!

Freebie #4: Dashing Doubles board game

Dashing Doubles Holiday Math Game

Practice doubles and doubles +1 with this fun and easy to prep math game! All you need is dice and math counters and your students will be ready to play!

Freebie #5: Sums to 10 Board Game

Santa's Sums to 10 holiday math activity

Why spend hours prepping math centers when you can use print and play math games? This sums to 10 game is easy to play, all you need is dice and counters and you’re ready to go!

Make the holiday season joyful and fun by using any of these free math activities. Spreading the holiday cheer in your class has never been easier!

Find more holiday teaching ideas below!

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