Free Editable Sight Word Games

This year, my oldest child started kindergarten, and she LOVES it! Each week she brings home an index card with 5-8 sight words to learn and practice for homework. The teacher doesn’t mind how we practice her sight words, as long as we’re working on them. Being a teacher mom, I wanted some worksheet-free editable sight word games we could play together.

But there was just one problem… I needed to have editable sight word games that focused on the words she was currently working on, and those are rapidly changing! 

Well, I took matters into my own hands and made some editable sight word games myself!

4 Reasons We Love Editable Sight Word Games

Whether you’re reading this from the perspective of a teacher or a parent, I think I speak for most of us when I say we LOVE (and need!) no prep activities, right? We need engaging sight word activities that we can customize and prep in just a few minutes.

sight word lists
These are all the sight words my daughter has brought home in just the first 3 weeks of school!
Child playing editable sight word game with apple theme
Charlotte loved playing this apple game to practice her sight words, and I loved that it wasn't a worksheet!

#1: You Can Customize the Sight Words

Chances are most of your students are working on different sight words. That’s how I felt with my daughter’s sight words changing every week! I created editable sight word games where all you need to do is type in 5-6 sight words and they will autofill into the game boards! EASY PEASY! We also love playing matching games over here, so I included cards to play memory with up to 18 sight words.

#2: Sight Word Games Ready to Go in Minutes

Time is of the essence. The convenience of being able to print these games and use them immediately in the classroom or at home was incredibly important to how I designed these sight word games. 

#3: Fun Sight Word Themes

Who doesn’t love a fun theme? I know we don’t need 50+ sight word games for one holiday or season, but what if we had 5-6 quick games based on one theme? That sounds manageable and fun, right?

I’ve created small, editable sight word partner games with themes for sweet treats, apples, pumpkins, and gingerbread. Each themed set includes 5 print and go editable sight word games and matching cards for up to 18 words. I also created a bundle of all the themed sets here!

#4: Kids Want to Play These Sight Word Games

Gone are the days when rote memorization was the primary method for teaching sight words. We have the opportunity to engage students through hands-on and interactive games that make the learning process both enjoyable and effective. Trust me, I played these editable sight word games with my daughter before ever sharing them with all of you! She loved them! I also think I shocked her when she found it that her mom actually created the games we played. #momwin

Free Editable Sight Word Game

If you find yourself wanting to try these editable sight words games, I’m sharing a free game below! In the Collect the Cookies sight word board game, you will type 6 sight words and they’ll autofill into all the spaces on the board. And don’t worry, the blue highlighting won’t show up when you go to print!

download the free editable sight word game!

Add your own sight words to this game. Your customized sight word game will be ready in 2 quick minutes!

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