10 Spooktacular Halloween Classroom Activities

10 Halloween Classroom Activities for 1st Grade & 2nd Grade

If there’s one thing I love about the end of October, it’s finding tons of new Halloween classroom activities to try! Today I’ve rounded up 10 spooktacular Halloween classroom activities to add to your math, reading, and writing plans!

Halloween Classroom Activities

1. Halloween No Prep Math Games: These games are print & play ready! Practice addition, subtraction, place value, geometry, and more with these Halloween games. Plus, you can choose from two different levels for each game for easy differentiation.

Halloween Math Games, no prep, 1st grade & 2nd grade

2. Halloween Directed Drawing: Not an art teacher? Me neither! Be sure to check out Art Hub for Kids on Youtube! They have tons of step-by-step directed drawing videos that your students will love! This cartoon pumpkin and ghost directed drawing video is perfect for Halloween!

3. Write a Spooky Story: This creative writing activity breaks down all the story elements so students can write their own creative Halloween story! Once students finish their stories, host a spooky story publishing party!

Write a spooky story pages

4. How to Carve a Pumpkin: For procedural writing practice, carve a pumpkin with your students. Then, use this freebie to let them write the steps involved in carving the pumpkin.

5. Halloween Sentence Writing: Teach or review the components of a complete sentence with these spooky sentences! Students will build scary sentences and learn how to improve their sentences by adding descriptive details.

Build halloween sentences with a subject and predicate

6. Candy Corn Greater Than & Less Than: Grab a bag of candy corn and use them when comparing numbers! Add them to enhance any comparing numbers place value centers or worksheets that you already have!

7. Halloween Sight Word Games: Customize these sight word partner games with your own words and have 6 games ready to go in minutes! Halloween sight word games include match, sight word bump, bingo, and more!

Customize this Halloween sight word game with your own words

8. Count Pumpkin Seeds: Seriously, is there anything more exciting as a kid than getting to pull the guts out of a pumpkin?! Have your class estimate the number of seeds, make groups of ten seeds, and find the total number of seeds at the end! It’s messy but SO FUN!

9. Measure with Candy Pumpkins: Practice nonstandard measurement skills by measuring with candy pumpkins! Choose a few items around the classroom. Then, let students estimate and measure with the candy pumpkins!

10. Build Candy Structures: Grab another few bags of candy pumpkins (or gummy candy pumpkins) and some toothpicks. Let students get hands-on and build the tallest towers possible. Allow students to complete this challenge with a buddy or independently!

Shop These Halloween Classroom Activities

Click on a Halloween or October-themed resource below to take a closer look!

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