No Prep Sight Word Game

Looking for a new way to practice sight words? Today I’m sharing with you my favorite sight word game that my students LOVE! Bonus: It’s a NO PREP, easy to implement game!

sight words

No Prep Sight Word Game Directions

This game is called Guess My Sight Word and works best if you have a classroom word wall filled with sight words. You could also have students use a printable word wall if you don’t have one hanging in your room.

I teach this game whole group first, but once students get the hang of it they can play in pairs. First, choose a sight word on the board and write 3-5 clues about the sight word. See example clues below for the sight word think

sight word game clues

To start, I tell students that my sight word is any word on the word wall. They love to try to read my mind think, and they it’s silly because there are so many to choose from! Students will write down a guess next to #1 on a post-it note, index card, or paper.

Then I give the 2nd clue. As students hear the next clue, they should be able to make a more accurate guess. After each clue, give students a chance to write down their next guess. After the final clue, students can make their most accurate guess.

Below is a sample list of guesses a student might make given the clues above.

sight word guesses

This is a fun game to play during word work, and once students get the hang of it, they’re able to play in partners or small groups. I also love to use this game when I need random 3-5 minutes time filler!

You can play this game with post-its, index cards, or scraps of paper.

Free Editable Sight Word Games

Looking for more sight word games? Be sure to download this free editable sight word partner game – just type your words and they’ll autofill into the game board for you in seconds!

download the free editable sight word game!

Add your own sight words to this game. Your customized sight word game will be ready in 2 quick minutes!

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