Winter Math Activities & Centers

It’s cold and snowy, so what’s a better way to warm up your classroom than snowy-themed winter math activities!

Winter Math Activities for Subtraction

Today I wanted to quickly share with you a fun freebie for your math centers! I think it is absolutely ESSENTIAL that you differentiate your guided math block as much as possible.

That’s why I loved using differentiated math centers in my classroom. (You can read about differentiating independent work over on this post.) These centers come in two levels, so you can give your students a level that they’re capable of completing without getting frustrated or lost.

In this snowy math center, students must match the mugs of hot cocoa subtraction facts with the marshmallow differences. This free winter math activity (download at the end of this post) comes in two levels: subtraction within 10 & subtraction within 20.

Free winter math activities

I love differentiating with these centers because usually, students don’t realize that they’re doing different work than their peers. Discreet differentiation is my favorite!

I use differentiated centers ALL YEAR LONG. Does it take a little more prep time to make two levels? Yes, a little bit. However, I can promise you that it’s 100% worth it. Your guided math time will be so much more effective because you’re meeting the needs of more of your students!

You can find tons of differentiated centers here!

Differentiated math centers

Alright, I promised I’d give you this winter math freebie, so click the image below to download your copy!

Click here to download your free winter math activities.

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