The Best Math Stations for 2nd Grade

Best Math Stations for 2nd Grade

When it comes to finding the best math stations for 2nd grade, I am always searching for centers that are correlated to key 2nd grade math skills AND are able to be used any time of year! How many times have you searched for math stations only to find an activity you love but it’s themed for Valentine’s Day and it’s the middle of October?!

That’s exactly why I’ve created the BEST math stations for 2nd grade! No seasonal or holiday themes here – just quality stations to practice important 2nd grade math standards!

Without further adieu, here are my favorite types of math stations and centers for 2nd grade! (Pssst – if you’re looking for the best 1st grade math centers, click here!)

Addition & Subtraction Math Stations

Once we’ve started working on 2-3 digit addition and subtraction, I start to include this skill every week if possible! I slowly build these into our math centers because I don’t want to overwhelm or frustrate students when they don’t have a solid foundation or understanding of multi-digit addition and subtraction.

addition and subtraction math station

Fact Fluency Math Stations

By the end of 2nd grade, students need to be very quick with their addition and subtraction facts to 20. That’s why I include at least one fact fluency center every single week!

fact fluency math station

Time, Measurement, Geometry, & Money Stations

Sometimes these skills get left behind and forgotten a little bit. We all have so many standard to teach and so little time! The result? Maybe we teach time in October and then we don’t revisit much at all. YIKES! Every week I try to include a math center that incorporates the practice of those standards that don’t get attention all year around (even though we know they need more time than we’re actually giving them!)

geometry math station

Free 2nd Grade Math Station

Guess what? I am giving you these llama addition math puzzles for FREE below! This center is perfect for working on 3-digit addition with regrouping!

PS – If you’re struggling with how your math center time should look, you’ll definitely want to check out this blog post. I’ll give you a peek inside how I choose math centers, plan ahead, and structure my guided math time. Check it out here!

12 three digit addition puzzles for 2nd grade math centers

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12 three digit addition puzzles for 2nd grade math centers

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