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Teaching Common Core Word Problems

I’m linking up with Kelly and Kim’s Kreations for Markdown Monday! 
Today I’m putting two of my word problem resources on sale. My school has pushed a big focus on problem solving, especially with the different problem types listed in the Common Core. The hard part for me: making sure I was teaching all of the different types of problems! 

So I’ve created… The Word Problem Pals! This is 6 sets of task cards for practicing the different problem types. 
Let me show you some of the problems. This set of cards practices the start unknown problem type. In your purchase, you will receive 2 sets – one within 20 and another within 100 (great for differentiation!) Set up for these problems usually looks like this: 
? + 5 = 12
This next set shows change unknown. Again, in your purchase you will get a set within 20 and another within 100. These problems are generally set up like this:
6 + ? = 13
The final sets are comparing problems – these were the trickiest for my kiddos! Setting up these problems varies from student to student – so I’ll just leave you to look at the problems and decide for yourself. (Again- you’ll get a set within 20 and another within 100). 
Once my students were comfortable with one step problems, it was time to move on to TWO STEP! But I didn’t exactly tell them that at the beginning. 😉 
The Two-Step Word Problem Super Solvers were great for when my kiddos were ready. 
I have added in this product a word problem book. Each day my kiddos would solve one for morning work or math warm-up and we would go over it together. Surprisingly enough, my kiddos LOVED that they had to be little detectives and truly figure out what they had to do to solve it… I loved how excited they got about it. They became little word problem smarties for sure! 
So that’s a peek at some of my word problem resources that are on sale! Feel free to snag them on sale through July 25th! Click on any of the product pictures for links to the products in my TPT shop! 

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