Teacher Resumes: A Simple Guide

Tips to Make Your Teacher Resume Stand Out from the Stack

Let’s be honest – Job hunting is stressful, and teacher resumes are, too! I don’t think many people would describe it as “fun” – that’s just not how it goes.

But you know what I love? RESUMES.

I know, I know. People hate resumes, but this is one of the few ways you can initially stand out to principals and school administration. It’s your way to brag on yourself without really bragging on yourself. You know what I mean?

So of course, I want to take the time to share with you four simple tips to keep in mind when you’re updating or creating your teacher resume.

Teacher Resume Tips

Image readers: Teacher Resume Tip One: Keep your font choices professional. Just say no to chalkboard styles & kid handwriting.

1.) Keep your font choices professional. The other day I saw an example that had this chalkboard style font and it made me want to PUKE. Yes, you might teach young children, but YOU ARE A PROFESSIONAL.

If you want to use a decorative, fun, or bold font, that’s fine for helping your name stand out or using it to split up different sections. Don’t use it throughout the whole thing though.

Not sure where to start when it comes to fonts? Here are some of my recommendations!

This image shows 6 professional and clean fonts for resumes: Didot, Gill Sans, Champagne & Limousines, Garamond, Book Antiqua, & Century Gothic.

These are some of my favorites. Some of them are better to use for your name at the top of your resume, while others are better for the bulk of your text. Try to stick to two fonts – maybe three at the most – on your resume!

Image reads: Teacher Resume Tip Two: Add Color. A little pop of color will help your resume stand out.

2.) Add color to your resume! These days most resume submissions are online, and just a little bit of color goes a long way! I suggest staying away from super bright, neon colors, but a classic pop of color makes people want to keep reading.

Take a look at the teacher resumes below.

This shows examples with a pop of color.
You can find these templates & more right here!

As you can see, the small pops of color are professional, AND they’re visually appealing! I tend to stay in the light green/blue color family, but you can customize it however you see best!

Image reads: Resume tip three: One page. Trust me. You don't need to go onto a 2nd page.

3.) Keep everything on one page. Now I know some people might disagree with me on this one, but I’ve seen way too many teachers continue their accomplishments and achievements onto a 2nd page and it’s just too much. If you feel like you MUST continue onto a 2nd page, make sure what you’re including is truly worth it!

Remember, it’s better to have a one-page quality resume over a two-page resume full of fluff and stuff that doesn’t really matter.

Image reads: Teacher Resume Tip Four: Organize your information thoughtfully. Use a resume template that's organized and clean.

4.) Organize your information thoughtfully. Find a template that is organized and easy to read. You want the people reading your resume to find what they’re looking for quickly. Avoid using paragraphs of text; stick to the bulleted highlights!

Final Takeaways

As you’re looking at examples of teacher resumes, think of ways you can customize it to represent you. If there’s a section that you’re having trouble with or don’t need, change it! Highlight what makes YOU amazing and qualified for the job.

For those of you who are job-searching, I wish you all the best! Remember to be yourself and showcase the amazing teacher that you already are!

If you’re struggling with putting together your resume, you can find my editable resume templates here!

You can read more tips & tricks on this older post here!



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