Surviving the First Day Back After a Break

Nothing makes me want to stay in bed and avoid going to work more than having to teach after a break or holiday. Whether it’s fall break, Halloween, winter break, or spring break, heading back to work after being off is downright difficult for everyone! Better yet, if you aren’t off for a holiday (I’m looking at you, Halloween), it’s even more exhausting!

Whether you’ve had a few weeks off for winter break or students spent the night prior trick-or-treating and you’ve just got to make it through the day with sugared children, let’s make a plan for your day.

Here are a few writing activities you can print and prep in the 2 minutes it takes your coffee to brew. Caffeine is the #1 key to make it through this day!

PS – If you need math activities for the first day after a break, check out this blog post!

First Day After A Break Writing

The minute your students walk in the door, they’re bound to have one million things to tell everyone about their holiday. It’s inevitable, so we’re going to embrace it!

First, set a timer and give your students 5 minutes to talk about everything. Once they’ve had time to talk, they’ll be more inclined to put their thoughts and memories down on paper!

After students have time to chat, use these four-square graphic organizers to help students organize their writing. Students can draw pictures, write a sentence or two, or jot quick notes in each section!

Writing four square organizers
Be sure to grab these for free at the end of this post!

Quick side note: If you’ve never tried using four-square graphic organizers to help your students learn how to write a paragraph, these are a game-changer! Add a small box in the very middle with the topic, and write the details on the four outside boxes! You don’t need to prep this – teach your students how to fold their paper into fourths and you’re set!

After your students complete their four-square organizers, turn them into paragraphs to share at morning meeting or during writing time! Be sure to model how to turn these organizers into paragraphs if needed!

Writing paper for after a break
Be sure to grab these for free at the end of this post!

After A Break Free Writing Pages

Download this free set of writing graphic organizers and writing papers for your students to use after a break or holiday. I’ve included writing for Fall Break, Halloween, Thanksgiving, Winter Break, and Valentine’s Day.

I’ve compiled all of these breaks and holidays into one PDF so you’re set for the year! Leave your email below to get all of them!

Seasonal Activities to Try

Make sure you check out these resources filled with seasonal activities!



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