9 Partner Activities for Your Spring Math Games

As gloomy winter exits and spring arrives, what better way to celebrate the sunshine than with spring math games? It’s time to infuse some springtime excitement into your math centers!

Today I’m sharing all about spring math games packed with 1st and 2nd grade math skills. The best part? They require zero prep, making it an absolute lifesaver for busy teachers like you!

Spring Math Games for Addition and Subtraction

Fly to the Birdhouse: In this math game, each student starts with 10 game pieces. Students roll and move around the game board, solve addition facts, and cover the sums. The first player to use all their game pieces is the winner! For a fun twist, players can “bump” sums already covered by another player to cover it themselves!

Flower Bump: This spinner game is played very similar to the previous game! Students start with 10 game pieces. They spin, solve the problem, and cover the sum. Again, they can “bump” off an already covered sum if needed! However, players can “lock” a flower by placing 2 game pieces on a sum. The first player to use all their game pieces is the winner!

Rainy Day Subtraction: I love quick printable games like this one! Before each round, partners must decide (and agree) on whether the person with the larger or smaller difference wins the round. To play, students roll 2 (or 3) dice, to make a number. Then, they roll and make a 2nd, smaller number to subtract. The winner of the round colors one of their raindrops. The player with the most raindrops colored at the end of 9 rounds is the winner!

Subtraction Garden Hop: Play this game just like tic-tac-toe, except you want to get four in a row! Students spin each spinner, subtract the numbers, and cover the difference. 

Spring Math Games for Time, Skip Counting, and Place Value

Catching Butterflies: This is one of my favorite spring math games for place value! Students will use their knowledge of expanded form and word form to catch number butterflies! But they must be careful! If students land on a space with a butterfly net, they must remove one of their covered butterflies!

Bunny Gardeners: This is a great place value game for building and comparing numbers! Students can build and compare two-digit or three-digit numbers with this bunny-themed game.

Kite Flying Time: This is another one of my favorite spring math games! It’s not always easy finding print and play telling time games, but this one is perfect for reading analog clocks and matching times. Choose from time to the quarter hour or time to the nearest five minutes.

Cloudy Skip Counting: In this fun game, students will skip count their way through the clouds! It’s a simple way to practice skip counting by 2s within 100 or within 1,000.

Differentiate These Spring Math Games

From math facts to multi-digit addition and subtraction, each game in this pack of the spring math games comes in two levels. This will allow you to give your students a game that is exactly what they need!

Free Spring Math Games for You!

Grab one of my favorite spring math games to play with your class! In this free game, “The Plant Shop”, students will roll a die and collect coins. Once they have enough money, they may purchase a plant. The player who buys the most plants once they’ve all been purchased is the winner!

Your students will love this one! Grab it below!

FREe spring math game!

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