7 Free Solar Eclipse Classroom Activities

Free Solar Eclipse Printables

Are you looking for quick, easy, and free solar eclipse classroom activities for the 2024 Great American Total Solar Eclipse? Look no further!

7 Solar Eclipse Classroom Activities

Here in Indiana, we’re in the path of totality, so many schools are not in session or are having e-learning days. Today I’m sharing 7 free, no prep solar eclipse classroom activities you can send home with your students or use in the classroom! These are perfect for K-2 classrooms.

This solar eclipse printable pack includes:

  • K-W-L Chart
  • Solar Eclipse Diagram
  • Fast Facts
  • Making Words
  • Word Search
  • Writing Activity
  • Solar Eclipse Crowns
7 Printable Worksheets - 2024 Solar Eclipse

Create a Solar Eclipse Crown

You can’t forget to celebrate the 2024 total solar eclipse with a hat/crown. Let your students cut and print the black and white version for students to color!

So what are you waiting for? Get everything below!

7 Printable Worksheets - 2024 Solar Eclipse

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After reading about the solar eclipse, use these reading response graphic organizers!



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