Feeling overwhelmed with your small group organization?

Learn how to maximize your guided math & reading rotations with an efficient & effective system

small group organization teacher binder

Are you tired of...

Searching for a management system that ensures you meet with all your students?

Feeling stressed out about making sure students know where to go during rotations?

Spending hours trying to differentiate instruction & assign activities?

Let me know if this sounds familiar:

  • You’ve been scouring Pinterest trying to find a rotation system you like, but so far you’ve found nothing

  • Every year your students struggle transitioning from one rotation to the next

  • You desperately need a way to successfully navigate through small groups
guided reading and guided math rotation on computer screen
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I get it! I've been there!

The year I made it my goal to teach in small groups more, I thought I had it all figured out. I’d saved cute pocket chart rotation boards on Pinterest and thought I could pick one and be good to go, right?

WRONG! Even though I’d split my class into four small groups, I needed to customize the rotations a bit more. 

You see, I needed one of my groups to visit the fact fluency center 3 times a week instead of 2 times. And I had a few students that met with an instructional aide a few times a week.

I knew I needed to come up with a solution to individualize rotations and improve my small group organization!

Imagine never having to tell students where they should be during rotations. Picture being able to fit the needs of every single student in your classroom.

I promise this is possible - here's how!

small group organization with guided math rotations and guided reading rotation charts

Transform your rotations with the Guided Math & Reading Customizable Charts!

A step-by-step guide to creating your own student rotation chart

Editable, easy-to-use templates and reference charts

Create clear schedules that enable students to navigate rotations independently

Here's what's included:

Teacher Templates & Student Charts

reading and math rotation charts

40+ Icons to Customize Your Charts

computer screen with reading and math rotations

Extras: Binder Organization, Signs, & More!

teacher guided reading and guided math binder pages

Over 200 pages of templates and icons to help you design your small groups and organize your classroom for success during rotations.

Other features include:

  • Quick Start Set-Up Guide
  • Rotation icons to create your rotation templates & charts
  • Customizable rotation icons
  • Group names & icons
  • Step-by-step guide for making Teacher Reference Charts
  • Editable templates for teacher reference chart
  • Step-by-step guide for creating your student rotation charts
  • Editable templates for student rotation charts
  • Guided math & reading folder covers & guide
  • Guided math & reading binder dividers
  • Classroom rotation signs to match rotation icons
small group organization teacher binder

Here's what teachers are saying about this resource:

"SERIOUSLY A LIFE SAVER. It has always been scary to create your own station rotation schedule and figure out a way that it makes sense! This does all the work for you!!! LOVE IT!"
Miss Karlis

You can have the small group organization you've dreamed of.

Check out the editable resource here:

It's time to finally get your small group rotations running smoothly and efficiently.

I know, figuring out your rotations is no small feat. But this resource? It's the game-changer to improving your small groups.

  • Step-by-step teacher guide
  • Organizational templates: teacher charts, student rotation charts, and over  
  • 40+ ready to use icons to make your charts
  • 20+ custom icons to create additional rotations specific to your classroom
  • An efficient, effective way to manage rotations all year long

🎉 It's a no-brainer for small group organization!

Say goodbye to interruptions and hello to effective rotations.

Check out this resource here:

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