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Sixth Grade vs. First & Second Grade in a Nutshell

Well friends, I’ve officially made it one entire month with sixth graders.

This man right here has made the transition so much easier. Thankful for his love & support.

Let me share with you some quick thoughts on how this is TOTALLY different from 1st & 2nd graders…

Sixth graders: They know technology better than I do, and they’ve taught me a thing or two five!
1st & 2nd graders: They can take 30+ minutes just to log in to the computer.

Sixth graders: They either LOVE you or HATE you. There is no middle ground.
1st & 2nd graders: They mostly just love you.

Sixth graders: They get your jokes and sarcasm.
1st & 2nd graders: *Crickets in the room* – They don’t get it.

Sixth graders: They’re smelly. After recess time is ROUGH. Holy cow.
1st & 2nd graders: Still smelly, but not nearly as bad.

Sixth graders: Cut things out in lightning speed (or so it seems in comparison)
1st & 2nd graders: They’ll cut things out… and mess up a million times and cry about it not being just right.

Sixth graders: They can read independently for 20 minutes on DAY ONE.
1st & 2nd graders: We’re lucky if we get to 1 minute of independent reading.

Sixth graders: They have preteen hormonal attitudes BIG time.
1st & 2nd graders: All the tears.

Honestly, most days I am enjoying my new adventure in sixth grade. It’s definitely challenging me in SO many different ways, and I am surviving. I have loved, loved, LOVED building a community of readers and hearing/building their excitement about books. While I did still enjoy that in 2nd grade, there’s just no comparison when you have such great novels at the intermediate level.

If you know much about me, you know that I LOVED teaching math at the primary level. Now, even as I’m teaching sixth grade, I’m noticing some foundational skills that I spent so much time focusing on in 1st & 2nd grade. I’ll save that for another post, but let me leave you by saying PLEASE DON’T JUMP TO STANDARD ALGORITHMS! (I have sixth graders borrowing like crazy because they can’t do things like 20-8 in their heads)… I’ll stop now. But OH MY WORD.

Both primary & intermediate have their ups & downs. I’m thankful for this challenging, growing year in my career. My husband even high-fived me after week two because I made it all week without crying once – that’s pretty big for me. I’ll leave you with what the Lord’s been speaking to me through Daniel —

Happy Monday,

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