Writing Complete Sentences and Sentence Structure


Teach students how to write a complete sentence with a subject (naming part) and predicate (telling part) – Posters, sentence building activities, and more!


This writing complete sentences unit contains activities, centers, and practice worksheets designed to help you teach sentence structure and how to write complete sentences.

This unit teaches students the components of a complete sentence: a subject & predicate. I have also used the vocabulary naming part & telling part for younger students.

This resource comes in both printable and digital (Google Slides or Seesaw) formats, so whether you’re in the classroom or teaching remotely, I’ve got you covered!

Once students understand how to write complete sentence, it’s time to work on making those sentences STRONG. (No more “The cat jumped.” – boring!) You’ll find activities and resources to teach your students to write more complex, detailed sentences.

Included in this resource:

  1. SENTENCE POSTERS – Words naming part, telling part, subject, & predicate
  2. COMPLETE/INCOMPLETE SORT – Cut & glue introductory activity
  3. COLOR SENTENCE SORT – Color worksheet for complete or incomplete sentences
  4. SENTENCE STITCHES– Build sentences by putting together a subject & predicate
  5. A DOSE OF DETAIL – Students will take a “boring” sentence and add adjectives to make it stronger
  6. SPIN A SENTENCE – Students will spin a subject & predicate and then add many details to make it stronger (higher level activity than A Dose of Detail).
  7. SENTENCE SURGERY – Use various word cards to build detailed sentences: teacher should print these cards on different colored card stock!
  8. QUICK PRINTABLES – Find worksheets, interactive notebook resources, and more!

Take a look at the preview for more details!


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