Ways to Make 10 Activities | Making 10 Games | Friends of Ten


Students will have so much fun with these activities while learning to make ten! Practice friends of ten with this variety of math games, activities, and centers!


Enhance addition fact fluency with these ways to make 10 activities and making 10 games! These friends of ten games are perfect for kindergarten, 1st grade, or 2nd grade classrooms!

Ways to Make 10 Activities Included:

  • Ways to Make 10 Board Game – students race around a game board reading the ten frames and figuring out what the number needed to make ten (optional kid game pieces included)
  • Roll & Cover Board Game – print & play board game, just add dice!
  • Connect Ten – students use grid to color in two boxes that are next to each other that make ten (ex: a 2 & 8 are right next to each other in the grid, students would color that)
  • Make Ten Bubble Bump – played like a regular BUMP game — students roll a die (1-6) and cover the number needed to make ten
  • S’more Make 10 Memory – students match the problem to the answer (ex: 4 + __ matches to 6)
  • Make 10 Puzzles
  • Make 10 Domino Train Cards
  • Build Ways to Make 10 Dry Erase Mat
  • Tic Tac Toe Partner Game – use ten frames to find the number needed to make 10
  • Sort & Solve – sort facts that make 10 and facts that do not make 10


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