Telling Time Math Mystery | Math Challenge | Math Enrichment 1st & 2nd Grade


Practice telling time by completing 4 collaborative math enrichment challenges. Earn clues to solve The Case of the Confusing Vacation – designed for 1st and 2nd grade students!


Want to try an escape room without all the stress? Use this telling time math mystery, perfect for math enrichment! In this math challenge, students will practice time to the hour, half-hour, quarter-hour, and five minutes while engaged in solving a mystery!

This digital (Google Slides & Seesaw) & printable telling time game is a hit! This is the perfect set of time activities and practice for 1st grade & 2nd grade students!

The Case of the Confusing Vacation

In this mystery, students will learn that the Rush family is going on vacation, but there’s just one problem: they didn’t write down their schedule! Flights, activities… everything is a mess! Students will complete four telling time challenges and earn clues to solve the mystery and figure out the family vacation schedule!

How Can I Use This Resource?

Whether you’re teaching in the classroom or teaching virtually, I’ve got you covered! For teachers in the classroom, everything can be easily printed and assigned to students. I’ve included black & white ink-friendly options, too. For teachers teaching virtually, this resource has also been converted to Google Slides and Seesaw, so you can assign everything remotely!

How Long Does It Take To Complete This Math Mystery?

I suggest using this resource over the course of one week. This will give your students Monday through Thursday to complete all challenges (one to two per day), and then on Friday students can sift through the clues to solve the mystery. If you have time or want to plan an extra engaging day, you could also make an entire morning and/or afternoon of the whole thing and do it all at once! *Please note that doing the entire mystery in one day will take more than you probably have allotted during your math time!

Here’s a Look Inside:

  • Teacher Directions: How to implement, set-up, and use both in the classroom or digitally
  • Letter: Students will learn all about the disorganized family vacation and how the Rush family needs their help!
  • Challenge Checklist: Students will use this page to track their progress on all 4 telling time math challenges
  • The Vacation Activities: Students will receive a file with six vacation activities. As students earn clues, they will use them put together the correct vacation schedule.
  • The Clues: After completing challenges, students will earn four clues to help them solve the mystery.
  • 4 Telling Time Math Challenges: There are 3 levels for each challenge so you can differentiate as needed. Take a look below at the differentiated levels:
    • Level One Skills: Time to the hour & half hour
    • Level Two: Time to the quarter-hour
    • Level Three: Time to the five minutes
  • Vacation Schedule: After students have received all of the clues, they will use this page to create the correct family vacation schedule
  • Schedule! Are your students ready to see if they were right? Display this page to find out!
  • Challenge Answer Keys

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