Halloween Math Games & Activities – No Prep Math Centers


No prep math centers for Halloween fun! These 15 print and play math games are the perfect partner games in 1st grade and 2nd grade!


Add excitement with 15 no prep Halloween math activities! These math centers are print and play Halloween math games, perfect for 1st grade and 2nd grade classrooms! Skills include Halloween addition, subtraction, place value, and more!

Are you short on prep time? Want to plan engaging, meaningful math fact practice without taking home a million pages to cut and laminate? Then these print and play games are exactly what you need!

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In this resource, you will get 15 Halloween math games:

  • 4 addition & subtraction fact fluency games
  • 2 two-digit addition games
  • 2 two-digit subtraction games
  • 5 place value games
  • 2 geometry & time games

>>> Best of all, EVERY game comes in two levels, so you can easily print the level(s) you need for your students!

>>> 15 games x 2 levels for each = 30 total games!

What do I need to play these games?

Well, that’s pretty simple! Depending on the game, you’ll need regular dice, small game manipulatives (mini erasers work great), a paperclip to make a spinner, or writing tools like pencils, crayons, or markers… items you already have easily accessible in your classroom!

Halloween Addition & Subtraction Games

  1. Batty About Math (mixed facts)
  2. Math Facts with Mummies (subtraction facts)
  3. Frankenstein Facts (subtraction facts)
  4. Ghostly Games (addition facts)
  5. Escape the Haunted House (2-digit addition)
  6. Vampire Addition (2-digit addition)
  7. Spider Subtraction (2-digit subtraction)
  8. Spin & Subtract (2-digit subtraction)

Halloween Place Value/Number Sense Games:

  1. Candy Corn Counting
  2. Halloween Hunt (hundreds charts)
  3. Zombie Bingo (place value)
  4. Pumpkin Place Value
  5. Costume Contest (comparing)

Other Halloween Math Games:

  1. Spooky 2D Shapes
  2. Trick or Treat Time

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