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No prep holiday math centers with a gingerbread theme! These 16 no prep, print and play math games are the perfect partner games in 1st grade and 2nd grade this December!


Want to play fun gingerbread math games and activities this Christmas season without taking time to prep them?! These no prep holiday math games and printables are perfect for 1st grade and 2nd grade students! There are 16 gingerbread themed math games, and all you have to do is print them out and you’re ready to play!

There are 16 total math games, and each game comes in two levels so that you can easily differentiate for your students. All games are one-page, so you won’t have to spend time cutting out game cards or worrying about losing game pieces!

To play these games, the only other supplies you’ll need to provide are dice, crayons/markers, and game pieces such as connecting cubes, erasers, or other small manipulatives you most likely already have!

Games & skills included:

  • GINGERBREAD BUMP: Practice doubles and doubles plus one
  • DOUBLES GINGERBREAD: Partner game for practicing doubles & doubles plus one
  • GINGERBREAD MAKE 10 & 20: Practice facts to make 10 and make 20
  • PEPPERMINT ADDITION: Roll two dice or three dice and add them together
  • GINGERBREAD SPIN & ADD: Adding facts to 20 and adding multiples of ten
  • GINGERBREAD RACE TO BAKE: Adding facts to 20 and adding multiples of ten
  • GINGERBREAD ADDITION: Partner game for adding 2 numbers or 3 numbers
  • SUBTRACTION COOKIES: Practice subtraction facts within 10 and 20
  • GINGERBREAD COVER: Practice subtraction facts within 10 and 20
  • GINGERBREAD SUBTRACTION: Subtracting facts within 20 and subtracting multiples of ten
  • GINGERBREAD TIC TAC TOE: Partner game for addition and subtraction facts within 10 and 20
  • PLACE VALUE GINGERBREAD: Practice word form, base ten, & expanded form within 100 & 1,000
  • GINGERBREAD BASE TEN: Practice adding base ten blocks and regrouping within 100 and 1,000
  • GINGERBREAD COMPARING: Strategy game for making numbers using place value
  • GINGERBREAD RACE: Hundreds chart activity for writing numbers to 120 and 1,000
  • GINGERBREAD BATTLE: Hundreds chart game for finding and identifying numbers

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