Ending Digraphs (CH CK DGE NG SH TCH TH) Word Work Centers & Phonics Activities


These ending digraphs word work activities for -ch, -ck, -dge, -ng, -sh, -tch, and -th include word sorts, centers, phonics activities, task cards, printables, and interactive notebooks templates!


This ENDING digraph (ch, ck, dge, ng, sh, tch, and th) word work resource contains a variety of phonics activities included differentiated centers, task cards, printables, and interactive notebooks templates!

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This resource focuses on ending digraphs for ch, ck, dge, ng, sh, tch, and th words.

Centers included (all Ending Digraphs included for ALL CENTERS):

  • Word Sorts: sort pictures (included with and without words) by spelling; laminate the cards without words so students can write the word with a dry erase marker
  • Puzzles: Students complete a square puzzle by determining which ending digraph a picture ends with and putting it on the correct puzzle mat
  • Task Cards: Students will place the correct missing ending digraph on the picture/word card
  • Dominoes: 3 sets included (all are mixed ending digraphs)

Printables included:

  • – CH Spelling (with & without word bank)
  • – CK Spelling (with & without word bank)
  • – DGE Spelling (with & without word bank)
  • – NG Spelling (with & without word bank)
  • – SH Spelling (with & without word bank)
  • – TCH Spelling (with & without word bank)
  • – TH Spelling (with & without word bank)
  • – Mixed Ending Digraph Spelling (with & without word bank)
  • – 3 Levels of Printable Word Sorts
  • – Interactive Notebook Template

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