Beginning of the Year Math Assessment for Kindergarten


Get to know your new class of kindergarteners with this beginning of the year assessment! Use the checklist and assessment cards to help you determine where to start guided math instruction for the year!


This beginning of the year kindergarten math assessment was created for you to use during back to school time. This “snapshot” was created to help you get to know each of your mathematicians. This is designed to be a one-on-one assessment for teachers to complete with students.

The beginning of the year kindergarten math snapshot was created for you to use during back to school time. It covers skills & standards students learned in preschool so that you can become familiar with the math skills students are coming into your classroom with!

This snapshot is divided into four sections: counting & writing numbers, addition & subtraction, sorting & patterns, and other skills.

In this resource you will find:

  • Math Snapshot Student Score Sheet
  • Class spreadsheets to organize whole class data
  • Assessment cards to help you assess each skill
  • Editable score sheets & class spreadsheets you can customize

*The only skills that are not on the assessment cards are writing numbers 1-10 and sorting objects. I have included separate assessment resources you can use for those two skills.

Because every school & district is different, there is an editable math snapshot checklist. You can use it to type in your own skills & standards that you want to assess. However, you will need to create your own matching assessment cards if you do that.

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