Addition with Regrouping, 2-3 Digit Addition Centers, Strategies, Posters


Teach 2-3 digit addition strategies including: number lines, expanded form, base ten blocks, compensation, and more! Use this resource to teach strategies beyond standard algorithm!


Teach 2-digit and 3-digit addition with regrouping using strategies like decomposing numbers, adding on a number line, or using base ten blocks. These worksheets, posters, math centers, activities, and games are designed for students to learn to add using a variety of strategies.

This resource is designed to help you teach strategies BEYOND the standard algorithm!


  1. Base Ten Betsy – using base 10 blocks or models to add
  2. Number Line Niles – add using an open number line
  3. Break it Down Daisy – decompose numbers into expanded form to add
  4. Compensation Cody – make a friendly number (10, 20, 100, 200, etc.) to make adding easier
  5. Add in Chunks Abby – decompose one number and add it in chunks
  6. Algorithm Alex – line up numbers vertically to add
  7. Hundreds Chart Harriet – *2-digit addition only*

Activities that go with the addition strategies:

  • Strategy Posters (2-digit & 3-digit versions)
  • Mini-Lesson Ideas
  • Base Ten Addition Center
  • Number Line Addition Center
  • Break It Down Addition Center
  • Compensation Center
  • Add in Chunks Center
  • Algorithm Center
  • Hundreds Chart Addition Center
  • Strategy Task Cards
  • Strategy Practice Worksheets
  • Extra Resources (Blank posters, reference charts, etc.)

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