13 Quick & Easy Place Value Games for 2nd Grade

I love finding new place value games and activities because one of the most important math concepts in 1st and 2nd grade is place value! Students must have a strong understanding of place value to help them with subsequent math concepts. Here’s a round up of fun place value games, ideas, math centers, partner activities, and whole group activities you can add to your lesson plans!

Place Value Games to Play With a Partner

Place Value War: Using a deck of number cards, deal three cards to each player. Challenge them to build the biggest number possible. The highest number wins the round. You can play for as many rounds as you have time for!

Guess My Number: One partner secretly creates a three-digit number using digit cards or paper slips. The other partner asks questions to guess the number. The first partner responds with clues about the value of each digit (e.g., greater than 300 but less than 400, odd hundreds digit, etc.). This is a great game to model how to play with your whole class before students play with a partner!

Place Value Donuts: In this game, students will try to fill their box of donuts. They will spin each spinner and attempt to make a number to match one of the donuts in their box. Click here to find all 15 place value games!

Number Swat: Write different three-digit numbers on sticky notes or cards and scatter them on a surface. Call out a place value clue (e.g., the number with 4 tens and 3 ones). Partners race to find and swat the correct number.

Target Number Game: Choose a target number (e.g., 500) and give partners a set of digits. Partners take turns selecting a digit and deciding where to place it to get as close to the target number as possible. The partner with the closest result wins the round.

Shut the Box: On their turn, partners will choose one small section of a number box complete (word form, picture, expanded form, etc). If they complete the final section of any number box, color the box with a crayon to earn a point. Once all the boxes are shut, the player who has the most boxes colored is the winner! Click here to find for place value games including this one!

Race to Build: Provide each pair with base-10 blocks or building materials. Call out a three-digit number, and partners race to build the number using the blocks. The first team to correctly build the number wins the round.

Whole Group Place Value Games & Activities

Three-Digit Number Scavenger Hunt: Hide cards with three-digit numbers written on them around the classroom or school. Students find the cards and organize them in ascending or descending order.

Place Value Towers: Use base-10 blocks or building blocks to represent hundreds, tens, and ones. Have students build towers with these blocks to represent given three-digit numbers.

Place Value Sorting: Prepare cards with various three-digit numbers and their representations in base-10 blocks, expanded form, and standard form. Mix them up and give each student one card. Students work together to find other students with the same number. 

Place Value “Stand Up, Sit Down”: Call out a three-digit number (or write it on the board) and give clues about its digits (e.g., “If the number has a 6 in the tens place, stand up”). Students listen to the clues and follow instructions to reinforce understanding.

Place Value Math Centers

Pirate Place Value Puzzles: Complete these puzzles by finding the base ten blocks, standard form, and the hundreds, tens, and ones that fit together! You can find 5 math centers to learn about digit values here.

Place Value Flower Matching: This center is great for finding and sorting cards with word form, expanded form, base 10 blocks, and standard form. You can find 4 different math centers, including this one, for practicing different number forms here!

Free Place Value Games

Be sure to grab one of my favorite no prep partner games to add to your math lesson plans! Plus, the download comes with a two-digit version.

Psssst, there’s a bonus: There are actually 5 no prep math games in this freebie! Other skills include math facts, addition, and subtraction!

Download 5 FREE Math Games!

Your 1st and 2nd graders will love playing these no-prep games during guided math! Each game comes in two levels for easy differentiation!

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Five FREE math games!

Your 1st and 2nd graders will love playing these no-prep games during guided math! Each game comes in two levels for easy differentiation!

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