5 Place Value Books to Add to Your Guided Math Lessons

Five Place Value books to Add to your Math Lessons

Teaching place value in first grade or second grade? Try adding some of these place value books to your lessons! Using picture books is one of the best ways to engage your students and make place value connections.

5 Place Value Books to Check Out

While there are many excellent place value books, here is a list of my top 5 favorite books for you to read. Be sure to check these out from your school library or public library!

Also, if you’re looking for quick and easy place value games to play, head to this post for 13 ideas and activities!

Earth Day – Hooray! by Stuart J. Murphy

I absolutely love the book Earth Day – Hooray! In this math story, the students in the Save-the-Planet Club are cleaning up the cans in a park for their Earth Day celebration. They want to make the park extra beautiful by planting a few flowers. The students collect aluminum cans to take to the recycling center to make money, and they decide to get their whole school involved!

Book cover: Earth Day - Hooray!

The students sort and count the cans by placing 10 cans in each small bag. Then, when they have 10 small bags, they put them all into one big bag that holds 100 cans! This book really makes place value concrete for students, which is one of the reasons I love it so much!

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Penguin Place Value by Kathleen L. Stone

Penguin Place Value is such a cute introduction to place value! In fact, this is one of my favorite place value books!

In this story, the penguins are trying to keep track of the fish they catch. They must use place value to know how many fish they’ve caught. If you need to go back to the basics, make this one of the first place value books you read to your class!

As a bonus, there’s a sequel called More Penguin Place Value: Hundreds, Tens, and Ones.

Book cover: Penguin Place Value

Place Value by David Adler

This book, Place Value, explains how just like words are made up of letters, we write numbers with digits. Just like TOP and POT make different words, the numbers 216 and 621 have very different values! This book teaches how the order of the digits is very important!

Book cover: Place Value

The helpful comparisons in this book are simple and direct and would be a great addition to your place value lessons. Plus, these adorable monkeys own a banana cafe which makes it super cute and engaging!

Zero the Hero by Joan Holub and Tom Lichtenheld

Zero the Hero is one of the most adorable place value books! The main character, Zero, is positive that he’s worth a lot, and that he’s a hero! However, the other numbers think he’s useless, so Zero runs away. It isn’t until they encounter a few story problems that the other numbers realize they need him!

Book cover: Zero the Hero

Sir Cumference and All the King’s Tens by Cindy Neuschwander

In this math adventure, Sir Cumference and Lady Di are planning a birthday party for the king, but they have a huge crowd of guests! They must devise a plan to count all the guests so they know how many lunches and dinners to prepare. That’s when they discover the importance of place value!

Book cover: Sir Cumference and All the KIng's Tens

Place Value Practice Activities

You’ve read aaalllll the place value books. You’ve taught the mini-lessons. Now it’s time to engage in some meaningful practice activities, right?! Look no further! These no-prep place value games are so easy to add to your math centers. Plus, there’s no cutting or laminating required for you!

Image shows a place value partner board game

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Five FREE math games!

Your 1st and 2nd graders will love playing these no-prep games during guided math! Each game comes in two levels for easy differentiation!

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