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Minute To Win It for Big Kids

Happy End of the Year, friends!

I’m excited to share with you all some of the crazy fun that we had in my class this past week! My sixth graders had their graduation on Wednesday night, so we are spending our last few days celebrating! In my previous years when I taught primary, my kids LOVED Minute To Win It games, so I decided I’d make this big kid appropriate and add in some extra messiness and competition!

As a quick disclaimer, I did not create all of these games myself. I scoured Pinterest and found some crazy ones that I thought my kids would enjoy, added in point values and game cards, and compiled our day in this post for you. šŸ™‚

The night before, I made a quick list of all of the items I needed to grab at the store. For the games we  played in this post, we needed: petroleum jelly, cotton balls,  2-3 cans whipped topping, bubble gum, paper plates, donuts, string, straws, and Skittles (or M&Ms or Smarties). I already had a handful of these items in my closet at school, so I only spent around $12.

To add some suspense into our fun, I had my kids split into teams of four and gave them these cards. The top card says, “The Category Clues: Each team member will need one card. The game for each category will be revealed later! Good luck!”

After each team split up the cards, I went over scoring. Teams got 3 points for attempting the game, 5 points for successfully completing it in a minute or less, and 4 points for completing it in 5 minutes or less.

Now for the games… First up: Stick It!

To play Stick It, students rub petroleum jelly all over their nose and have to transfer a certain number of cotton balls from the desk to a plate using only their noses. I chose to have them move 7 cotton balls since they’re headed to 7th grade, and because I really didn’t know how long it would take (I wasn’t going to test it out at home if I didn’t have to)… I would suggest challenging your students with 10 if you do this! It was HILARIOUS! Just make sure they have a decent amount of petroleum jelly on their noses. šŸ™‚

After Stick It, we played Pop It! This one was an even bigger hit! To play Pop It, I placed a stick of gum on a paper plate and covered it with whipped cream. Then, students had to go face first into the whipped cream, find the stick of gum, chew it, and blow a bubble.

I didn’t get as many good photos of this one because it was clearly a little messy!

The next game we played is called Face It. To play this one, all you need are cookies of some kind. I used Vanilla Wafers because they were on sale. šŸ™‚ Students place the cookie on their forehead and have to use all of their face muscles to move the cookie from their forehead into their mouth.

Finally, our last game was called Eat It. I bought plain glazed donuts and tied a string around it. Students had to eat the donut off of the string (without using their hands). You can tie the donuts around the ends of two chairs, but I wanted to have the game prepped in the morning without my students seeing the donuts. We took this one outside so we didn’t get crumbs all over the floor, and two team members held the ends of the string. It was SO much easier, so I highly suggest that.

Finally, we came back in for the bonus round! I didn’t have a catchy name for this one because I didn’t tell the students it was coming. The bonus round was a team relay. Students used a straw to suck a Skittle up on the end of a straw and run over to another paper plate and drop it on there. Then they tagged the next team member. For every successful Skittle transfer, they received one point.

In the end, the team with the most points won. There was no prize except for high fives, fun memories, and a break from academics.

If you’d like a copy of my game cards, you can grab them by clicking the picture below!

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