Math With Playing Cards

Right now many teachers and families are learning how to cope with this new normal of working from home, distance learning, and so much more. I know it’s an incredibly stressful time! I wanted to give teachers and families a fun way to practice math skills at home with just a simple deck of playing cards!

Learning from home is MORE than just print-and-go worksheets! Just like we play math games in our classrooms, we want our students to engage in meaningful activities at home, too. I put together a fun freebie that I thought teachers, students, and families might enjoy for practicing math at home. Plus, all they will need is a deck of playing cards!

This two-page free resource includes a bingo board and a quick game guide. Students can try to get five in a row for a bingo OR complete the whole game board! The one-page game guide includes quick directions so families can easily reference how to complete each game or activity.

This is a printed picture of the Math With Playing Cards bingo board and game guide.

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