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Math With Playing Cards

Right now many teachers and families are learning how to cope with this new normal of working from home, distance learning, and so much more. I know it’s an incredibly stressful time! I wanted to give teachers and families a fun way to practice math skills at home with just a simple deck of playing cards!

Math With Playing Cards Pinterest Image

When schools first started closing due to coronavirus, my friend Alisha from Missing Tooth Grins and I knew we wanted to help. We put together 40 free pages of math & literacy printables for first and second grade. (You can still grab them here for free if you want them!)

However, I also know that learning from home is MORE than just print and go worksheets! Just like we play math games in our classrooms, we want our students engaging in meaningful activities at home, too. I put together another freebie that I thought teachers, students, and families might enjoy to practice math at home. Plus, all they will need is a deck of playing cards!

This two-page free resource includes a bingo board and a quick game guide. Students can try to get five in a row for a bingo OR complete the whole game board! The one-page game guide includes quick directions so families can easily reference how to complete each game or activity.

This is a printed picture of the Math With Playing Cards bingo board and game guide.

If you’d like this math with playing cards resource, click here and leave your email! Plus, you’ll get the password to my Free Resource Library, which is full of TONS of freebies for you!

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