Math Projects for 2nd Graders

Math projects for 2nd graders that they will absolutely love

If there’s one thing I love when creating math projects for 2nd graders, it’s the eager passion for school, puzzles, and solving problems. Even if sometimes the mystery is where did our teacher leave her coffee in the classroom? Not speaking from experience or anything! It’s an all-hands-on-deck situation with everyone helping solve the problem – and it’s usually resolved quite quickly!

It got me thinking… how can I channel this energy my students have into their work? What kinds of projects would be appropriate, relatively challenging, and motivating for my students? Well, since it turns out my students loved finding my missing coffee, I created mystery math projects for them!

Math Projects for 2nd Graders

Each mystery math project or challenge begins with a letter to my 2nd graders explaining some sort of problem or mystery that will need to be solved.

Math project for 2nd graders includes a mystery activity with math challenges
Click here to download this math mystery for free!

In every mystery math project, students have a series of math challenges (typically completed over a week) to finish in order to earn clues that will help them. Because we have students of varying abilities, each challenge comes in 3 levels so you can differentiate as needed. 

Once students have completed all the challenges, they can sift through the clues to solve the mystery! I like to let students work together to solve the mystery. The engagement and excitement around these types of challenges are SO fun!

Free Math Projects for 2nd Graders

I wanted to give you a chance to try a FREE mystery math project with your students! In this mail mix-up mystery, students will complete 4 math challenges involving place value, addition, word problems, and money!

Click here to download one of our free math projects for 2nd graders

Guess what? You can find even more math projects for 2nd graders below! We’ve created so many mysteries your students will love!

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