Super Simple Free Math Goal Sheets for K-3 Students

These free student math goal sheets are one of the simplest ways to help students, parents, and teachers track progress on important math skills. When working with early elementary students, especially those in K-3, it can be overwhelming to track every single math goal and skill. That’s why these math goal sheets are condensed to 9 of the most important math skills for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade!  

students can put a sticker next to what they’re working on and color it whent hey’ve mastered it

8 Ways to Implement Math Goal Sheets

1.) Student Data Tracking: Students in K-3 need a simple, concise way to see each math goal they’ll be working on this year. At the beginning of the year, give each student a math goal sheet to keep in safe place (data notebook, math folder, etc.) On a monthly or quarterly basis, take time to let students put a sticker on what they’ll be working on next. They can even color the box when they’ve mastered one of the skills!

2.) Add to Homework Folders: Make communication with families clear by adding a math goal sheet! You can mark what students will be working on over the next month and add an updated one regularly. If you have one of the folders with a clear plastic front or back, this would be a great addition, too! Regardless of where you put it, parents will appreciate knowing what their children are learning!

3.) Parent Conferences: Pull these math goal sheets out at parent conferences! I highly suggest pairing them with the data you’ve collected from one-on-one math snapshots. In these snapshots, teachers assess students one-on-one so they can get a true grasp on how students are doing. These math goal sheets align directly with those assessments! You can find them for kindergarten, 1st grade, 2nd grade, and 3rd grade.

4.) Open House: At the beginning of the year, let parents know what their children will be learning in math this year with these math goal sheets. Encourage them to keep this in a safe place so they can reference it as needed!

5.) Report Cards: Add an updated math goal sheet to report cards. You can let students color what they’re working on or let students self-assess each skill with a happy face, straight face, or sad face based on how they feel about each one! This is a great extra communication piece for students, parents, and teachers.

6.) Quick Reference for YOU: If you’re anything like me, I get a little overwhelmed when I think about all the skills my students need to master each year. Keep one of these sheets handy for yourself! Make notes or write dates you reviewed and assessed any of the skills.  

7.) Print the Next Grade Level: At the end of the year, print the next grade level math goal sheets so students and families know what’s headed their way next year! (Unfortunately, these math goal sheets only go up to 3rd grade, so if you’re a 3rd grade teacher I’m sorry I don’t have 4th grade!)

8.) Quarterly Tracking: Help students keep track of what’s been taught by coloring what you’ve worked on! This doesn’t have to encompass what students have mastered; instead, this option allows students to see all the amazing math skills they’ve worked so hard on! This is also great if you want to avoid comparison since some students may have nearly every math goal mastered and others may not. You know what will work best with your group of students, so you can modify this as you see fit!

How to Track Progress on Math Goals

The great thing about these free goal sheets is that align directly with my one-on-one math assessments. These K-3 math assessments will help you get the beginning of the year baseline data, track student progress all year, and organize data.

You can read all about how to use the beginning of the year one-one-one assessments in this post.

Use the assessment cards to progress monitor the math skills included in the student math goal sheets. Teachers can use the checklist (score sheets) to write down more formal scores and notes. 

Free Math Goal Sheets

What are you waiting for? These K-3 math skill sheets are completely free, so leave your email and download them today!

Download the FREE GOAL SHEETS!

Help your students keep track of their progress on end of the year grade level math skills with these free math skills goal sheets for kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade!

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Help your students keep track of their progress on end of the year grade level math skills with these free math skills goal sheets for kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, and 3rd grade!

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