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Happy 100th Day!

It’s FINALLY here! It’s the day everyone’s been waiting for since August! My blogging friends and I are sharing with you all of our posts on the 100th day of school to help you get everything ready!

Except, if you’re anything like me, even though you’ve been counting EVERY SINGLE DAY during calendar time… it STILL snuck up on you. And now it’s the night before…

Don’t fear! The kids will still love anything you can whip up! So today I’m going to share with you a few easy activities/centers I prepped for my kiddos, and you’ll be ready to go in no time! I wish I had pictures to share with you all, but, of course, the 100th day is always a WHIRLWIND… So I only ended up with a photo of my 1st & 2nd grade team dressed like old ladies.

Anyway, here’s a quick list of all of the centers I prepped for our 100th day celebration:

1.) 100 Pattern Block Creation: Pull out all of your pattern blocks and let your kids get creative by making their own picture out of 100 of them. Tip: Make them count out 100 blocks FIRST.

2.) 100 Toothpicks & Marshmallow Creation: Grab some toothpicks & mini-marshmallows at the grocery store and let your kiddos get creative. This one was, without a doubt, the favorite in my room. Tip: Buy extra toothpicks… they get sticky after all of the marshmallows.

3.) 100 Year Old Self-Portrait: Have students draw & illustrate themselves at 100 years old.

4.) Writing “When I’m 100 Years Old…”: Come up with a list of sentence starters for your students to write about themselves at 100 years old. My favorites include: When I’m 100, I’ll say things like…, I’ll eat…, I’ll wear… — These look adorable attached to the self-portraits!

5.) Write 100 Words: I used these TPT freebies found here! Students are always amazed that they can write 100 words!

6.) Read 100 Books (as a class): Make an anchor chart titled “We Can Read 100 Books!” Usually, I have a conversation with my students about how everyone’s goal is to read 5 books (or whatever number will help you reach 100). As students finish, have them write the title of the book and their name on the anchor chart. Tip: When making your anchor chart, go ahead and number it 1-100 to help students know where to record their books.

7.) Complete 100 Exercises: On another anchor chart, write down various exercises you want the kids to do. (Ex: 20 jumping jacks, 10 sit-ups, 10 push-ups, etc.) Make sure they add up to 100 exercises, and let the kids get active at this center!

8.) Race to 100: Play this fun, simple math game where students race each other to 100! Find the free game board here!

I’m sorry for the lack of pictures, but I know you can create a super fun 100th day with your kiddos, without stressing over all of the planning! I’ve included a quick little punch card I made for my kiddos last year that includes all of the activities I listed above. I copied ours on colored card stock. Each time my kiddos finished an activity, I hole-punched their card with my special star punch.

You can find the freebie HERE! Happy 100th Day of School!!!
Check out more activities for 100th day of school from my friends!

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