Google Keep for Teachers

As teachers, we LOVE office supplies. The number of sticky notes I have in my desk is astounding, but there’s just one problem. I start way too many lists on way too many different sticky notes. I can’t keep them all straight! Then, inevitably I lose one and that’s a recipe for disaster.

Sound familiar?

Well, I’m here to share with you my new favorite tool for making digital to-do lists. Introducing… Google Keep for teachers!

What is Google Keep?

Google Keep is basically a one stop hub for all of those lists you make. Have a list of things you need to prep for next week? Use Google Keep. Need a list of books you need to grab from the library? Use Google Keep! Need to start a grocery list? Use Google Keep!

You can use Google Keep on your computer, iPad, or iPhone… your notes are with you everywhere! One of my favorite ways to use it on my computer is to pop open the Google Keep tab while I’m on my email account. As I’m responding to emails, I can quickly add items to my list(s) so I don’t forget.

Lists on phone

Google Keep for Teachers

As teachers, we always have so many tabs open in our brains, and Google Keep makes it easy to organize all of those different tabs. You can create broad lists for weekly or monthly checklists, or you can create narrow, specific lists for various subjects or parts of your day. You can even set reminders or alarms for certain lists so you don’t forget!

One of my favorite extra features is the ability to add a collaborator to any of your Google Keep notes. This is a great way to collaborate with your grade level team!

Google keep on the computer

Get Organized!

While this is completely unnecessary, I’m a sucker for making my organization visually appealing. Yep, you can make it cute. I like nice, bold titles on my Google Keep checklists, just like the teal & pink ones you see above. It’s super easy to add your own headers!

When you go to create a new note, click the bottom button to add an image. Then, find your Google Keep header & you’re done!

I made a free set of 30 Google Keep headers that you can use for your all of your teacher lists! Just click here & leave your email!

*If you’re already part of the Simply Creative email list, just head to the Free Resource Library to get yours!

If you want to make your own, just open up PowerPoint, change your page size to 6 in. x 3 in., and create your headers! Once you’re done, save them as pictures before uploading to Google Keep.

Enjoy getting organized with your Google Keep list making!



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