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Getting Organized for the New Year

Happy 2015 friends! Thanks for stopping by my blog for the New Year Blog Hop! I’m excited to share with you today one of my newest tools to help get you organized this year! Stay with  me to the end for a freebie!

I’m not going to lie… I love having a plan. I thrive on having plans, especially when it comes to my week at school. I feel like at least once a day there’s something important that I MUST remember and for the life of me I always forget. Maybe I’m getting old? Anyway, I’m resolving this year to stay organized, and so…

Here’s The Plan!

I’ll be showing you my “Colorful Dots” version throughout this post, but I have two other versions available.

I created daily and weekly planning pages to help me stay organized this year! I included many different versions (and one is EDITABLE on PowerPoint) because some days I have a ton on my plate, while other days/weeks aren’t quite as full. Stick with me as I show you the ins and outs of my newest little creation!

I started out with the bare necessities… this week, projects to complete, who do I need to contact, things I must get done, things I can do if there’s time, etc. I just LOVE having it all in once place, especially for the day or week.

Then I got to thinking… I always put things in order for myself. Have you ever tried that? Making a list of all the things you need to complete and then ranking them by importance — it’s effective, for me at least! So then I added this little page to my organizing pack.

This organizer includes a “My Top Five” to help you rank items of importance.
You know when you have those certain days where it seems like you have a million and one things to do in ONE DAY? (Think: report cards, conferences, staff meeting, ARCs, grade level planning… the list could go on). Sometimes anticipating those kinds of days stresses me out and keeps me up at night, but not anymore! That’s why I love this page, and I can see myself using it especially when I’ll have a jam-packed busy day! I can organize my top five priorities, as well as important things that must get done in the morning, afternoon, and after school.
I’ve already started my to-do list and copies for heading back to school (call me crazy, I know). One of my most FAVORITE products that I have to copy when I get back are No Prep Math Journals from one of my best bloggy friends Alisha over at Missing Tooth Grins! Her monthly journals are super easy to prep and are a daily review for my kids. I LOVE that she has created 1st and 2nd grade versions since I’ve got a mix in my room! Don’t get me wrong, I love interactive journals, but I can’t tell you how effective these DAILY no prep ones are — they’re exactly the skills my 1st and 2nd graders need, too! Check out the January journals in her TPT store: HERE!
Finally, I decided having some weekly planning sheets would be great as well. Sometimes I need to write lots of details for each day, while other weeks I only need to jot down a quick note. That’s why I’ve created pages like the following:
Perfect to jot down quick notes for Monday – Friday! 
Perfect for those of you needing more room for each day! 

Weekly horizontal planning pages
Did I mention that they are editable as well? If you don’t want to use the headers I’ve created, feel free to make your own! There is an editable PowerPoint file AND a PDF version in the file.

Now you’ve gotten to see a closer look at some of the planning pages included in this organizer! Click HERE or on any of the previous images for the link to the colorful dots version. 

I’ve created two other versions, one with colorful stripes & arrows (click HERE) & another that is ink-friendly black & white (click HERE)! You can click on the preview images to find them directly in my TPT shop!

Last, but certainly not least, I HAD to create monthly calendars to match! I’ve included two options for you: one horizontal monthly page OR 2-page monthly spreads. 
You can check out the colorful dots calendar HERE.
You can check out the stripes & arrows calendar HERE.
You can check out the black & white calendar HERE.

Now for your freebie! Because I know many of you need ink-friendly pages, I’ve made one of my simple black & white organizers FREE! Click the image below to head to the download!

Click on the blog button below to head to my friend Alisha over at Missing Tooth Grins for more New Year ideas and freebies!

Happy Organizing & Happy New Year!

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