Free Planning Templates for Teachers

How many times have you wanted to plan ahead, only to get overwhelmed by all of the standards, resources, and ideas you have (or don’t have)? Finding the right planning templates for teachers can be hard!

Sound familiar? I’ve been there!

I get excited planning for the upcoming month(s), but then when I sit down to do the nitty-gritty planning, frustration sets in because I have out a million books, worksheets, crafts, centers, and so much more.

Let’s talk about a solution!

Free Planning Templates!

If you’re anything like me, I find it incredibly helpful to my upcoming monthly plans and units in ONE place. That’s why I created these two planning templates for teachers that will alleviate your stress!

Monthly Planning Templates

First, I love to start with this month at a glance one page template. This template helps you narrow down the top 3 most important things: standards, instructional focus, and lesson activities & ideas.

These are month at a glance planning templates for teachers.

Think of this monthly planning template as the place to organize the big ideas you have for reading, writing, math, etc. It’s an easy way to see what your entire month will look like across all subjects. This makes thematic or seasonal planning much easier, too!

Unit Planning

Once you have your month at a glance template filled out, you can use the unit at a glance template to get even more detailed. This means you can have your detailed reading unit plans or math unit plans all one page.

I love how focused and organized this unit template makes me feel!

Want your own free copy of these planning templates? Click here & leave your email to get them in your inbox!

*If you already have the password to my Free Resource Library, you can head here to download them!

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