Free Guided Math Resources for 1st Grade & 2nd Grade

Free resources to get started with guided math

Launching guided math is no easy feat! It can be extremely overwhelming and difficult to keep track of everything for guided math, so I’m here to help you get started with a few free guided math resources!

Free Guided Math Lesson Plans

Not sure how to even introduce guided math to your students? I’ve laid out step-by-step plans for your first week and the first month of guided math. I’ve included mini-lesson ideas for the first 5 days of guided math, and what to focus your lessons on for your second, third, and fourth weeks, too!

You can read in greater depth about launching guided math in this three-part series!

Free resources and lesson plans for the first week and first month of guided math

Mathematicians Do/Do Not Sorting Activity

In order to run guided math successfully, it is essential that you spend time teaching explicit expectations for what students should or should not be doing during guided math! That’s why I created this sorting activity!

Use the colorful pieces to create an anchor chart during one of your mini-lessons. I’ve also included a simple cut-and-glue sorting activity for students to complete independently to reinforce the mini-lesson.

Sorting activity cards for mathematicians

Planning & Organizational Templates

There’s a lot to keep track of for guided math. That’s why I’ve included templates to help you organize your math centers, lesson plans, small groups, data, and more!

Use the one-page monthly planning sheet to ensure you have all of your math centers planned and prepped for the entire month. Then, organize your weekly lesson plans with the simple weekly lesson plan template.

Free guided math weekly lesson plans and monthly planning sheets

These planning templates will help you organize small groups, unit planning, and weekly planning. The unit planning page is especially helpful for long-range planning!

Templates for guided math groups, unit planning, and weekly plans

Free Guided Math Starter Kit Resources

Are you ready to improve your planning and implementation of guided math? You can download all of the resources in this blog post! Just leave your information below and you’ll get everything sent straight to your inbox!

PS – Want to see my faaaaaavorite guided math resource? It’s quite possibly the one resource that totally revolutionized how I run guided math rotations! Click here!

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Free Guided Math resources!

Are you ready to improve your planning and implementation of guided math? Download lesson plans, organizational templates, resources, and more!

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