Easy Snowflake Ornaments

I always love getting creative with my students, and they LOVE making ornaments. This year, I wanted to make sure we made something that really showcased each child’s unique, creative personality. I’m just not a fan of the foam/sticker cookie cutter ornaments that all look the same.

This year I decided to pull out that giant box of popsicle sticks I had in my cabinet and make snowflakes. This was a pretty easy project, but we worked on them two separate days. On the first day we just glued the popsicle sticks together. I wanted to make sure they didn’t fall apart! This also gave me time to go to Hobby Lobby and buy some new glitter.

I went into the store for 2 colors and came out with all of this… oops!

On the second day we used all of the fun glitter glue bottles and got a little messy! We had SO much fun, and the snowflakes turned out SO CUTE!! I love how each one is totally different!

The only part that really required adult work was hot gluing string to the back… and I had a volunteer do that part!

What easy ornaments do you make with your students?



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