Digital Math Centers in First Grade & Second Grade

Many schools and classrooms are still switching between in-person learning and distance learning. It’s CRAZY hard. Keeping students engaged and on task is harder than ever! That’s why I designed these digital math centers and activities that students love!

Plus, even if you’re not teaching remotely, these are fun digital math activities to use in the classroom! *Looking for digital phonics? Read all about it here!

Digital Math Centers on Seesaw & Google Slides

Use these math centers in Google Slides, Google Classroom, or Seesaw. If you’re a Seesaw user, I preloaded all of these activities on Seesaw for you. You can easily click the link and add it to your activity library!

The Centers & Activities

I’ve chosen tons of first and second grade math skills and created a variety of interactive centers for them. These skills include: addition facts, subtraction facts, two & three-digit place value, word problems, part-part whole, 2-3 digit addition & subtraction, money, and time!

These interactive centers will help ensure your students have engaging math practice no matter where they’re working. The variety of activities will also help you differentiate easily for your students!

Many activities include matching centers, number puzzles, creating problems, dragging base ten blocks, and so much more! Students are doing more than just typing in answers!

Take a look at the video below to see the types of math activities included! This video shows the activities included in the place value set.

Free Digital Math Center Activity

I wanted to give you a chance to try out a free digital math center activity with your students. When you download this freebie, you can choose to use which platform, Seesaw or Google Slides, you want to use to assign it.

Click the image below to get your free digital activity! If you love it, you’ll find even more digital math activities here!

Adding 10 Digital Math Center

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