Digital Learning: Getting Started

Getting started with digital learning with seesaw, boom, Google Classroom, Google Slides, & more!

I’ve heard from so many teachers that they’re worried about planning for a part-time digital learning year and part-time in the classroom year with our current global pandemic.

It’s hard to plan for everything, and it’s not easy to learn so many different platforms to help you teach remotely! That’s why I rounded up digital learning guides for platforms such as Google Classroom, Google Slides, Boom Learning, and Seesaw!

Digital Learning with Google Classroom & Slides

Is this your first time using Google Classroom? Tales from Outside the classroom has a great video introduction to Google Classroom! Shelley Gray Teaching also has a post all about how to create assignments in Google Classroom!

If your school district doesn’t have Google Classroom, you can still use Google Slides with your students. Shelley Gray Teaching has a great blog post with step-by-step instructions for using Google Slides without Google Classroom!

Seesaw Digital Learning

Have you started using Seesaw with your students? Seesaw is a digital platform that allows you to collect work digitally. Students can even take photos of their work and send it to you! The Krafty Teacher wrote a great post about how to get started with Seesaw!

Do you use Seesaw? Saddle Up for 2nd Grade can show you how to use PDF documents in Seesaw in this blog post!

Boom Cards: Digital Learning Task Cards

Do you love using task cards in your classroom? If so, you might want to learn how to us Boom Cards! They’re interactive digital task cards! Mrs. Strawberry has a great introductory blog post for how to use Boom Cards!

Do you need help with integrating Boom Cards into Google Classroom or Seesaw? A Plus Teachers has you covered with video tutorials for both! You can find the video tutorial for Google Classroom here and the video tutorial for Seesaw here!

Creating Digital Activities For Google Slides

Do you have resources that you LOVE, but they aren’t in a digital format? That’s okay! Natalie Lynn Kindergarten has a step-by-step blog post to teach you how to take PDF resources that you already own and split them up! She also explains how to send them to families and make them interactive in Google Slides!

Want an engaging math resource to send to students and families? Check out this freebie!



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