5+ Christmas Math and Reading Activities

Download 5 FREE holiday math activities!

Get 5 free holiday math activities including seasonal board games, puzzles, crafts, and more!

You’re not alone if you feel like the month of December is always crazy busy. Schedule changes, class parties, general excitement and energy from students… it’s a lot! You can embrace the season with holiday-themed and Christmas math and reading activities.

Let’s be real: Students are excited. The holidays are almost here (not to mention a two-week winter break!) There’s no better time to integrate Christmas math & reading activities into your lesson plans.

My Favorite Christmas Math and Reading Activities

Today I’m sharing with you some of my favorite Christmas math & reading activities that I love using in the classroom! You’ll even find some of them that are completely FREE!!

Christmas Main Idea & Details

Main idea is one of those skills that we’re reviewing all the time, so I love adding these holiday themed main idea activities to reinforce the skill.

These puzzles are one of my favorite activities to include in literacy centers or small groups! They make the perfect partner activity!

When teaching students about the main idea in a paragraph, use this Build a Paragraph activity! In this activity, there are 4 mixed up sentences (1 main idea/topic sentence & 3 supporting detail sentences). Students work together to build a paragraph with the main idea sentence coming first.

After completing the build a paragraph activity, students can practice the same skill independently with these main idea scrambles!

You can find all of these holiday main idea resources and more here!

Gingerbread Math Games

Want to play fun gingerbread math games and activities this Christmas season without taking time to prep them?! These no-prep holiday math games and printables are perfect for 1st grade and 2nd grade students!

There are 16 gingerbread-themed math games, and all you have to do is print them out and you’re ready to play!

Download 5 FREE holiday math activities!

Get 5 free holiday math activities including seasonal board games, puzzles, crafts, and more!

Build Holiday Sentences

If you’re still struggling with helping students learn to write in complete sentences, you’re not alone! The struggle is OH SO REAL. That’s why I made this holiday-themed pack of sentence-building activities!

This Christmas writing complete sentences unit contains sentence-building activities, December literacy centers, and practice worksheets designed to help you teach how to write complete sentences.

This holiday pack of activities teaches students the components of a complete sentence: a subject & predicate. I have also used the vocabulary naming part & telling part for younger students.

Christmas Math & Reading Crafts

I am a HUGE fan of quick and easy crafts in the classroom, so I made these no-prep holiday crafts for my students! They absolutely LOVED getting to decorate and be crafty. Plus, these crafts make a great hallway display!

These print and go craftivities are perfect for reviewing math and reading skills including: addition, subtraction, synonyms & antonyms, story structure, and more!

You can find all of these ready to go Christmas crafts here!

Christmas Math Puzzles

Students love, love, LOVE these fun math puzzles, and they’re perfect to add to your holiday math centers! Plus, they include a ton of different skills!

To complete these puzzles, students solve various problems on the puzzle mat. When they know the answer, they find the matching puzzle piece and place it on the mat. Teachers can print extra puzzle mats to use as recording sheets for students to show their work!

Christmas Math Puzzles

More Holiday Math Games & Freebies

These FREE holiday math board games are SO easy to use, and they’re the perfect way for students to practice sums to ten and doubles facts! Just print, grab some dice and colored game pieces, and you have a fun game ready to go for your students!

Christmas math board games

Download 5 FREE holiday math activities!

Get 5 free holiday math activities including seasonal board games, puzzles, crafts, and more!

12 FREE Christmas Printables

I know how crazy the month of December can be, so I created FREE print & go goodies that will be so useful! That’s right: FREE and NO PREP! Download them here!

12 Days of Christmas free worksheets



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