Christmas Crafts in the Classroom

Not sure how to incorporate Christmas Crafts in the classroom? Read on here to learn how and why! I’ve taught primarily first and second grade for my entire teaching career, and doing Christmas crafts in the classroom are some of my favorite activities to plan! I know some teachers have complained that Christmas crafts are a waste of instructional time, but I’m here to tell you that can be a great learning activity!

Image reads, "Holiday Crafts in the Classroom: The Best Ones to Try"

Plus, my students are always a little amped up before holiday breaks, and crafts are some of my favorite ways to keep them engaged! Here are some reasons why you should love them.

Christmas Crafts can be tied to what you’re teaching in the classroom

I love finding new ways to incorporate crafts into what I’m teaching. For example, around the holidays, I had students working on synonyms and antonyms. Instead of doing a boring worksheet on this, students wrote synonyms and antonyms on cookies. Once I checked their work, students decorated the cookies and cut and glued them on a plate for Santa. This is something YOU could also try!

Image shows an example of a Christmas craft for the classroom

Is this the world’s greatest craft? Absolutely not. However, it tied into what we were learning and gave students time to be creative! Decorating the cookies was so much fun for them they didn’t even realize they were learning!

Crafts give students a chance to work on basic motor skills

Students are using technology for learning more and more these days. That’s totally okay, but they don’t have as many opportunities to cut, glue, color, and more! Adding in a few crafts gives students a chance to work on these basic fine motor skills.

Students enjoy crafts and love to be creative!

Image shows an example of a Christmas craft for the classroom

At my school, we only go to art once a week… that’s practically nothing! Students always love going to art and adding a few crafts here and there is a great way to supplement. However, I know I’m definitely not an art teacher but they didn’t seem to mind!

Want to try some super simple Christmas crafts in your classroom? Here are the ones I use!

Free Christmas Craft to use in the Classroom

Want an easy little craft for your students? Click below and leave your email to get a free craft to use!

Image links to a sign up for a free holiday math craft.

Looking for more holiday fun in the classroom? Check out these free December activities! You might also enjoy these Christmas math & reading activities!



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