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8 Winning Strategies to Improve Addition Fact Fluency

If you’re a K-2 teacher, I’m sure you already know how important it is to build addition fact fluency. By the end of 2nd grade, students should, students should be able to quickly recall addition facts within 20. This means students should be able to recall answers in a matter

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3 Reasons Math Fluency Practice is So Important

Math fluency practice is essential in every classroom. If you teach K-2, you’re most likely focusing on learning those addition and subtraction facts. And if you teach 3rd-5th, you’re probably focusing on multiplication and division facts. Regardless, it’s crucial that we implement quality math fluency practice regularly. In this post,

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5 Fun Ways to Practice Math Facts

Back when I was a kid, I absolutely hated big, long worksheets filled with math problems. It was my least favorite way to practice and learn math facts. As a teacher, I want my students to have FUN while practicing math facts! I want to build students’ math fact fluency

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Subtraction Fact Fluency: Favorite Strategies

Have you ever been guilty of spending more time focusing on addition facts and less time on subtraction facts? If you’re nodding your head yes right now… me too! I never quite gave subtraction fact fluency the time and focus it deserves and our students need! A few years ago

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Help your students build addition fact fluency automaticity with these addition fact strategies. These addition facts to 20 strategies include doubles and doubles plus one, make 10 to add, and ways to make 10. These fun math fact fluency games and activities are perfect for first grade and second grade students. Activities include: board games, matching activities, printable games, and more!

Addition Fact Fluency Strategies

Starting the Year with Addition Fact Fluency Strategies At the beginning of the year, I spend the bulk of my 2nd grade math time doing two things: 1.) Setting up math rotations and 2.) Working on addition fact fluency strategies to build automaticity. I like to focus on addition fact

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Get 5 Free Math Games

Your 1st and 2nd graders will love playing these no-prep games during guided math! Each game comes in two levels for easy differentiation!