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Find guided math teaching tips, games, centers, and activities for first and second grade! We've got you covered with engaging resources and ideas for teaching addition, subtraction, place value, word problems, geometry, and more! Grab some math freebies, too!
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Set Up Guided Math Groups With 3 Insider Tips

No matter how many years you’ve been teaching, setting up your guided math groups can be quite the puzzle! Lucky for you, this is my favorite type of puzzle! If you’re stressing about setting up guided math groups in your classroom, you’ll definitely want to catch these three tips! Setting

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Free Guided Math Resources for 1st Grade & 2nd Grade

Launching guided math is no easy feat! It can be extremely overwhelming and difficult to keep track of everything for guided math, so I’m here to help you get started with a few free guided math resources! Free Guided Math Lesson Plans Not sure how to even introduce guided math

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How to Write Sub Plans for Guided Math

Imagine this: You wake up sick (or your child wakes up sick) at 4:00 am and you realize… there’s no way you’re going to make it to school in the morning. Time to make sub plans. Now, would you believe me if I told you that it’s actually possible to

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3 Tips to Refresh Your Guided Math Small Groups

When your students get back from a break or struggle with the monotony of your typical small group guided math routine, it might be time to refresh and start over! This is the perfect time to switch things up, review expectations, and get back into guided math small groups with

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Guided Math Classroom Management Strategies

Welcome to the final post in my three-part series all about starting guided math! Today we’re diving into classroom management strategies and tips for when you’re finally diving into a typical day of guided math. In today’s part three post, I’m sharing all about how to release control once you’re

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The First Month of Guided Math

Welcome to part two in my three-part series all about starting guided math! If you’re trying to figure out how to get started, I’m here to give you practical tips and lesson ideas! In part one, I shared a daily breakdown of what your first week of guided math could

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How to Start Guided Math: The First Week

Whether you’re diving into guided math during back-to-school time or starting mid-year, figuring out how to start guided math during the first week is crucial to being successful. Oftentimes it can be difficult to know where to begin and what to teach, I’ve put together a three-part series all about

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The Easiest Way to Make Weekly Guided Math Lesson Plans

Getting your guided math lesson plans together each week doesn’t have to be complicated. Here’s how I plan an entire week of math instruction. For my classroom, there are three big things I spend my time thinking through and planning: Small group lessons Independent practice activities Math centers Guided Math

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Guided Math Workshop: How to Plan Teacher Tips

Being a K-2 teacher, it can be hard to know where exactly to start when it comes to planning a guided math workshop. That’s why I want to show you exactly how I plan for an entire month of guided math workshop.  Planning Guided Math Workshop Will Set You Up

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Get 5 Free Math Games

Your 1st and 2nd graders will love playing these no-prep games during guided math! Each game comes in two levels for easy differentiation!

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