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Book Promotion Ideas

As you know, I’ve started my 5th year of teaching this year in a BRAND NEW grade — SIXTH! One of the aspects I’ve been MOST excited about are all the books. I’ve spent a ton of time this first month of school teaching students about finding good books for themselves. I want them to find books that they love, and I think it starts with me sharing my reading life.  This past weekend, I finished the book Because of Mr. Terupt. It was AMAZING.

One of my students watched the book trailer for this, and before I knew it, she read it, finished it, found the sequels, AND convinced me and numerous other students to read the rest of them. She also convinced the librarian to order more copies so that her friends can read them!

S today I figured I’d share with you today a few ideas of how I’m teaching my students about promoting books to others.

First and foremost, one of my favorites (and my students’ favorites)… SHELF TALKERS!

We think of these as movie posters… only for books! Students make them on blank index cards after they’ve finished a book. They add colorful illustrations, cliffhangers, and short summaries to promote them. Then, we tape them on the shelf right under the book basket where students can find the book.

Our second favorite idea… Genre pins! I actually bought an editable pack of resources from The Sweetest Thing where these are included. It’s quite simple… When students finish a book that they want to share, they fill out a genre pin. The genre pin includes: who’s recommending it, title & author, what it’s about, why you should read it, and where you can find it.

Last, we’ve started a reading blog on our classroom website. I can’t share with your our class website, but I took a screenshot of one example. Students sign up for one day each month where they are in charge of posting on the blog. Throughout the day, students go to our website to read and respond to their classmates.

We’re still working on making these a little meatier (so to speak), but the fact they are writing and excited about sharing them is a win so far!

Next up for my students… book trailers! We’ve been watching them and sharing them with each other, and now my students are eager to make their own. I’ll post about that someday when it’s finished! 🙂

How do you involve your students in promoting books to each other?

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