Back To School Must-Haves

I know, I know. It’s only the end of May… BUT! I wanted to share with you two of my FAVORITE editable resources that I customize over the summer so that’s it’s ready to go when August comes (and it always sneaks up on me).

First up: Back To School Brochures! 
I used to write a student/parent classroom handbook, and to be honest, I don’t think anyone read that thing front to back. And I spent SO much time on it! So a few years ago I decided I would make these brochures that highlight my most important information! This is the 3rd year I’ve used these, and I have so many teachers that tell me how much they love them!

Just designed for the upcoming school year – I customized it with my favorite fonts!
IG photo from @laurenwhitneywarner 

Final Must-Have: Teacher Contact Cards!
Even though we all include our teacher contact info pretty much everywhere (newsletter, website, brochure, etc.), I STILL have parents who can’t keep track of how to contact me! So, I decided to create these Editable Teacher Contact Cards. On the back of the cards, I added a little adhesive magnet strip (found at Hobby Lobby or Walmart or other craft stores) and then parents can keep these on their refrigerator!

There are 16 male and 16 female character options so you can find one to match you! 
IG photo courtesy of @leighbees

You find the editable brochures HERE and the editable teacher contact cards HERE. You can also find the discounted BUNDLE of both products HERE!



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