8 Reasons You Should Be Using Math Exit Tickets

Are you overwhelmed and frustrated by lengthy math assessments? It’s time to start using math exit tickets in your classroom! Math exit tickets are not just helpful, they are transformative tools to help you quickly check for understanding in the classroom.

With so many demands placed on teachers and students, here are 8 reasons exit tickets are the perfect bite-sized assessments to add to your toolkit.

1. Time Efficiency: Math exit tickets will save you so much time when it comes to assessing. They are ready-to-go, printable, and easy to implement in your classroom. These short and sweet quick checks are designed 4 to a page so you can quickly gauge your students’ understanding without spending hours creating assessments from scratch.

2. Instant Feedback: Use these to get immediate feedback on how well your students have grasped the lesson. This allows you to identify areas that need reinforcement and tailor your future lessons accordingly. Because you won’t spend hours grading, you can quickly adjust your lessons and activities.

1st Grade Math Exit Tickets

3. Engagement Boost: Unless you have a class full of Sheldon Coopers (hey to my Big Bang Theory friends), chances are they probably don’t love lengthy assessments. These short assessments give your students a chance to show what they know without forcing them to spend 30+ minutes working on one. Typically, most students can finish one ticket in 5 minutes or less, so they’re more inclined to stay focused and give their best effort on the assessment.

4. Flexibility: With multiple math assessments for every skill, you can select exactly what you need. There are even digital exit tickets you can assign if needed!

5. Parent Involvement: The clear and concise format of these quick checks makes it easy for parents to understand what their child is learning. 

kindergarten math exit tickets

6. Data-Driven Decisions: By consistently using these math exit tickets, you’re able to gather valuable data about your students’ progress. You can use the results for targeted small group instruction.

7. Student Self-Assessment: At the top of every quick assessment, students can color the smiley face that matches how they feel about the skill. This is a great way for students to reflect on their understanding and communicate how they’re feeling with you!

8. Demonstrate Growth: Use the same exit ticket twice on the same day! Before you begin math for the day, give your students an exit ticket to see what they can do. Then, give the same exit ticket at the end of math to show growth and improvement! This will also give you a quick glimpse of who may need more targeted instruction or differentiation during follow-up lessons. 

Click below to find math exit tickets for your grade level!

Find over 115 quick formative assessments for each grade level: kindergarten, first grade, and second grade! 

Download Free Math Exit Tickets

Want to try a few math exit tickets out in your classroom? Be sure to download the freebie below to get 15 K-2 quick assessments!

Free Math Exit Tickets


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